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Monday, November 14, 2011

Second Notts Game

It has been days since I posted anyting on this blog. I was a little bit occupied. Well, this is the inevitable reality, whereby I can't be free all the time.

As everyone has been/ hasn't been informed, I went through my 2nd Notts Game experience last Saturday. This year's Notts Game was a bit unique, in the sense that I learned lots of new stuff and did something that I couldn't do last year.

1) Scrabble

In the morning, I participated in a Scrabble competition. Sincerely, I could feel the tense among the players. Fuhh,  I thought Scrabble is a relax game which is so not true.

With all the preparations, I walked in and I felt confident that I could at least proceed to the 2nd phase which was the swiss swift phase. Unfortunately, I was ELIMINATED in the elimination phase. Thanks la Adlan for giving me the opportunity to actually proceed to the 2nd phase for few seconds before someone claims that she is supposed to be in the second phase hahaa..

I got 4th place in the first round and 2nd place in the second round. Overall, I'm in the top 17. ;p which is not bad for a first-timer.

2) Food Festival

Seriously, I bought lots of foods. From hot dogs to various nasi. I think I spent almost 20 pounds on foods alone at that time. There's two foods that impressed me. The first one is the Satay from a stall in Great Hall, Trent. It was so soft, tender and juicy that every tastes melted perfectly in my mouth. The feeling was so good since it's been weeks I haven't eat satay.

The second one is Tiramisu, in which I believe I bought it from Soton stall. It's quite embarrassing actually because, the moment I stepped into Atrium, I heard a voice shouting my name from afar, calling me to buy foods which is being sold in at the Soton stall. Gosh, Abu Turab! hahaa.. The Tiramisu was superb. And I bought more than one :)

3) Meeting Friends

I wanna say thanks to all friends willing to stay in my house. Those from Dublin, Fahmi, S, Nizrull, Akmal, Sheri, Arif, Faheem. Not forgetting Newcastle, Badar and friends, Syimi, Syami. hahaa.

Yeah, I have to admit that the essence of Notts Game is that, I'm able to meet and make friends. At least, they cheered me up, have someone to talk/gossip to, and I don't really feel lonely afterwards..

Woops, I better start studying now. Lots of works to be done. Bye. :)

Having fun playing chess ;)


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