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Monday, February 23, 2015

Journal #1

I came across my (old) journal that I wrote years ago! It was not written voluntarily  but kinda like a homework for my English classes when i was 16 y/o. Just wanna reminisce the past. Yea... i'm 25 and i feel old LOL



"I would like to tell about my pet. Actually, i keep tortoises as my pet. Tortoises are cute and lovely. For the first time I kept them, I kept two tortoises. I kept them in a plastic cage. There were a bridge, a coconut tree and marbles for the tortoises play with. The two tortoises always stay near each other. Maybe it was a male and a female. I love to see the tortoises feed with food. The tortoises will put their head outside the water to have the food. I felt very sad when one of the tortoises died. The hawker that sell the tortoises forgot to tell me to put chlorine to kill bacteria. Only one tortoise left staying alone in the cage. So, I decided to buy two more tortoises. So, I have three tortoises, but a week later a tortoise died. I only have two tortoises now. I bring them everywhere and everytime. The two tortoises have traveled with me to Terengganu, Johor and Melaka when the school holiday. After 2 month, one tortoise died. There's only the first tortoise that i buy still alive. I don't have enough money to buy another tortoises and food. So, I sell back the tortoise to the hawker."


Tortoise film Academy Award Winner!

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